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Dr Susan Lim - Medic & Vet Symposium - Churchill College, Cambridge UK 2017

Road to US-India Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Hyderabad,Nov 2017

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An amazing experience to participate in the Road to GES 2017, (US-India Global Entrepreneurship Summit), and to deliver a talk in the session "Giant Leaps: Thrilling Potential of AI and Robotics" on "Future Companionship" , partnering an inanimate for the first time on the INK Platform, before an audience of over a thousand delegates, on the eve of the arrival of Ivanka Trump and Prime minister Modi. The city of Hyderabad was vibrant, spruced-up, clean, and the people energetic, eager and enthusiastic to host this massive event, amid tight security. source

Susan Lim - Transplant cells, not organs

Dr Susan Lim is a guest speaker at TED, speaking about one of her passions in the field of research- Transplant cells, Not Organs, where she sheds light on an intriguing subject in the medical field.

The dawn of a new ecosystem in organ replacement

Susan Lim | TEDxBerkeley

Memento poster made by organizers.

Memento poster made by organizers.

Dr Susan Lim is at TEDxBerkeley. Continuing her passion in the field of transplantation, she discusses the dawn of a new ecosystem in organ replacement. 

  Robotic Surgery - Engineering from a Surgeon's Perspective

Watch: the 2017 ISSCR Dr Susan Lim Award for Outstanding Young Investigator is awarded to Dr. Jayaraj Rajagopal, MD.

Footage from this year’s (2016) International Society for Stem Cell Research ISSCR Dr Susan Lim Outstanding Young Investigator Award Presentation to Dr Fernando Camargo

Dr Susan Lim spoke about exciting new technology in medicine at the annual INKtalk of 2016. Here is the full talk "Susan Lim: a brave new world"